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My snowy photo on the front page of the Leatherhead and Dorking Advertiser!

I was so pleased to see that one of my images had been chosen for the front cover of the Leatherhead and Dorking Advertiser newspaper this week (even though my instagram was mispelt lol - @loislenslife)!

Leatherhead and Dorking Advertiser, Surrey Live, Snow Swans in the snow, snowy Surrey,

Wasn't snow day a nice change and very welcomed by most?! I know it probably caused a lot of disruption and chaos for all the poor carers and delivery drivers etc but I certainly saw more people smiling on that day than any other recently...and when I say recently I mean in a good few months!

Below is the full resolution image as the one used on the front of the paper was low res.

The cygnets first snow! I was wondering what they were thinking as they got covered in snowflakes whilst they were dipping! It does make you wonder how they stay warm!

Here are a few other images from last Sunday in the snow which I hope you will enjoy!

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