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The Dorking Museum 2021 Calendar is here!

In the past few lockdown months I have been working with the Dorking Museum taking some imagery for promoting their historic Dorking walks which incorporate some of the fascinating history of Dorking! I have wanted to put together a calendar for a while but I thought why not make one in support of the Museum during these tough ta da! Here we have it! It was put together in a bit of a rush so it could be ready well in time for Christmas but it has turned out quite nicely! Here are the images I have used for each month...

Some of them I realise don't look entirely 'Dorking' but each and every image was taken in Dorking or the surrounding area at a different time of the year. Lockdown has been a tough time for most people but it has really made me appreciate nature so much more. Just going out for a walk in the fresh air and countryside (if we are lucky enough to live near or in it!) makes you feel so much better!

I appreciate you may not all be from the area but if you are and share a love of Dorking and the Surrey Hills then please use the following link to purchase one of the calendars from the Dorking Museum. They are £10 each (£12 p&p) and all proceeds go to the museum.

Take care everyone!

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