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A shoot @ Eco Be Shop (@ecobeshop) ~ Dorking, Surrey

This week I was lucky enough to take some images for Tony at Eco Be in Dorking, Surrey. Eco Be is an exciting new addition to retail in the beautiful Surrey Hills town of Dorking.

Eco Be is a zero-waste, sustainable natural self serve food retail business in Dorking, Surrey that delivers high quality natural food products in a sustainable way. The idea is that you take along your containers and fill up to as much or little as you like!

Sadly, a lot of local Surrey (as I am sure they have nationally and globally too) businesses have gone out of trade in the past 12 months but it is certainly great to see some really exciting ones also popping up during these really tough times. It is great to see the local buzz it brings on social media when it happens too.

Whilst I was there I bought some red lentils, cashews, eggs and yoghurt covered raisins -

all organic and delicious! If I'd have had more containers with me I certainly would've bought more!!

Check out Eco Be's social media Facebook and Instagram pages for more info or even better visit them in St Martin's Walk, Dorking High Street, Surrey!

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